Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clayton i-house poll

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Unlike a marketing survey, I have tried to design a survey with the reader in mind.

Am I alone in most of my thinking about the i-house? I sometimes wonder when reading things like a comment on another site which had a post about the i-house. A person commented that they lived alone and needed a minimum of 3000 square feet. How many people think like that?

So, these questions are designed with the aim of helping myself, as well as readers, discover the way other people are thinking about the i-house.

For example, I found one poll on a general home-related real estate type site, with over 1000 poll responses, 70% of the people liked the i-house. That surprised me. I thought the number would be lower, closer to 50%.

You can see the results interactively interactively after you press vote. The last question allows multiple answers. Skip any questions you want to. Or if you have a comment, you can comment as usual. There's no way you (your identity or ISP or anything) are linked to your answers in this survey although after you vote once, you can't vote again. Multiple choices are possible on some questions. I'll probably think up more questions and add them tomorrow, but will keep the ones that are here. Thanks for your answers and comments.

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